Draconic Legends

Story So Far...

The church of Bahamut in Arbury received word of a cult of Orcus lead by Kalarel forming in the borderland village of Winterhaven and gave a young paladin, Terrald Aberax, the task of finding out what was going on. Terrald assembled his adventuring group, The Wings of Aberax, and they headed to Winterhaven.

In Winterhaven, the village’s ruler Lord Padraig didn’t know anything about a cult, but hired the heroes to destroy a raiding settlement of kobolds. They talked to Ninaran and she told them the cultists might be with the kobolds, so they went.

They didn’t find any cultists among the kobolds, but they did destroy the threat to the village and Lord Padraig paid them. They talked to Vathrun and discovered that the cultists might be at Shadowfell Keep, so they went there.

They fought some goblins and zombies. The next time they went back to Winterhaven, there were undead rising in the graveyard, lead by Ninaran. They fought them off and went back to the keep, where they met the ghost of Sir Keegan and got his sword. Then they went and killed the goblin leader, Balgron the Fat. They’re still exploring the keep.



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